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The meaning behind colors (in logos)

A few weeks ago we wrote about how you could start your own business. When you start your own business one of the important things you’ll need is a logo. That logo will represent your business. People will get a feeling when they see your logo and it would be good if they can link it to your business and the service or products you’re selling.

Did you know that colors tell more about you or your brand than you might think? Have a look in your closet and see what colors you like the most. It tells a lot about you as a person as well. People communicate through colors, sometimes without even knowing. Before you want to pick just any color for your logo read this blog first to figure out what color matches with your brand values and mission.


The color red can give people many and sometimes quite opposite feelings than you actually had in mind, so be careful using this color. Red is a strong and bold color. It stands among others for strength, courage and passion, but also for danger, action, energy and excitement. For some brands it means leader or power where for others it means active or energy. Think of logo’s as Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola and Pinterest.

Yellow & red

That’s why some brands mix red with the color yellow. Yellow stands for optimism, hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. Think of brands as McDonald’s, Red Bull, DHL and Lego. Logo’s that use yellow with a different color than red are Nikon, Ikea, National Geographic and Subway.


Orange is the combination of red and yellow so it can be used to represent a combination of the same feelings brought on through yellow and red. Usually it stands for youthfulness, warmth, light-hearted and enthusiastic. Think of Fanta, Nickelodeon and Dunkin Donuts (combines it with pink).


Pink is a color you won’t see very often in brands. It has a strong message behind it and for decades it is a preferred color amongst women. It means among others friendly, love, floral, feminine, care and nurture. Logos with the color pink are Barbie, Cosmopolitan, Victora’s secret and LG.


Another infamous color is purple. It comes close to pink, but definitely has a different meaning. It stands for mystery, luxury, sophisticated, original and compassion. Logos with purple in it are Hallmark, Milka and Cadbury.


The most popular color in logos and also in business offices is blue. Its a calming color, but it also means loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. A lot of tech and social media logos have blue in them. Think of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but also HP, Samsung, IBM, Dell and Intel.


The meaning of green depends a lot on the shade of green you are using. It can represent earth, nature, growth or money. Banks, finance companies and militaries usually use a darker green shade in their logos. Green can just as red give an opposite feeling like greedy or envious. When green is used in a good way it means renewal, freshness, calm or health. Logos that use green are John Deere, Heineken, Starbucks and Sprite.


Black logos hide feelings and still it’s used for many logos. They are usually minimalistic, but reflect authority, efficiency, power, elegance, luxury and discipline. Think of Nike, Chanel, Apple, Prada, Adidas and Puma.


Brown is a earthy tone, but has more meanings than natural. Just as the other colors a lot depends on the shade as well. Brown often means woodsy, stability, serious, warmth, wealthy, subtle or calm. Brown is used in logos as m&m’s, Nespresso, UPS and Louis Vuitton.


A lot of brands use white as a second color or just as the background to make their logo stand out. It means purity, peace, clean, simplicity and innocence.

Now you know what most colors mean, so it should be easier for you to choose the right colour for your brand. Even when most people don’t even know the meaning, it is good to know colors definitely give people certain feelings. Do you still need help with creating a logo? We are happy to help you. Send your wishes to and you’ll get more information.

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