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How To Make Money While Travelling?

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

As you might know we have been travelling for over three years. Over the past few years’ people asked us this questions for many times: How can you travel for so long without having a “real” or steady job? We had so many jobs over the past few years. Even though they were not always steady, they were definitely real. In this blog you can read how to make money while travelling.

1. Graphic Designer or web design

A lot of of people think you have to do a study for this, but you don’t. Do you know the saying practice makes perfect? With a lot of practice you will come far.

2. Content creation or influencer

Many businesses don’t have the budget to hire photographers (and models) to have a shoot with their products or services. With most phones that have a high quality camera nowadays, it’s getting easier to shoot professional content for businesses. Agencies like Influee can help a lot with this too. You can even get money for promoting products when you have a lot of followers. Read more about this topic here.

3. Blogging or vlogging

Yes, you can make money with blogging or vlogging. Blogging goes beyond writing nowadays. You can even start a blog with just photos and videos. Think of Instagram or TikTok. Where there is a will there is a way, they say. If you want to make money you also need to invest in increasing engagement and gaining more followers, visitors, readers or/and viewers. Companies only want to invest in you when they see high figures or high quality content. See your blog as a TV channel where you will have commercials in between TV programs. Companies only invest in those channels when they know lots of people will watch TV that night. Otherwise it’s a waste of time and money.

4. Translating

Did you know streaming apps always look for translators for movies and series? Not only that, there are so many companies that want to expand the business to different countries. Therefore they need everything online to be translated.

5. Copywriting

Are you good with words and you love to write? Many businesses are not that strong with writing. You can earn by writing blogs, articles or promotional materials.

6. Social marketing for businesses

Are you perhaps a king or queen in social media? Are you always the first one to know what the new features are? You can make an income with doing the social media for other businesses. Many businesses want their social media to be up to date, but many of them don’t have the time nor the knowledge how to run their social media properly.

7. Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing you can get rich while sleeping. You basically get money for recommending and selling products online through links. This can be done through your social media accounts, vlogs and/or blogs. When people click on your link and buy something you will get commission for that product or service. I must say it takes a long time to get rich by doing this. Plus a lot of companies only give free products or discounts in the end, so do your research. And learn how you can be a valuable asset to their company.

8. Investing in crypto or other currency

We don’t know enough about this topic to talk about it in detail, but we know you can earn good money with investing in the right currencies if you are lucky.

9. Rent out a place

Do you already own a house, but you still want to travel for a long time? Just rent out your place. You can even invest in more properties once you have enough to buy the next one to rent out. Airbnb made this a lot easier.

10. Working Holiday Visa or seasonal jobs

When we started travelling back in 2018 we went to New Zealand on a working holiday visa. This gave us the opportunity to work and travel through the North and South Island of New Zealand. We did the same in Australia. And we heard you can apply for a working holiday visa in Canada as well. If you want to safe more money instead of travelling, we would suggest to go for Australia. The wages are higher compare to New Zealand’s and Canada’s wages and you don’t have to pay as much income tax as residents. If you are from one of those countries or you are from Europe or USA and you don’t want to go that far from home, you can look closer to home and start working at seasonal jobs in your own or neighboring countries (at farms, mines or in hospitality).

There are many more ways to have an income while travelling. Like podcasts, writing books, selling things online, coaching etc. For now we really hope this will help you if you want to travel more in the future, but also want to have an income. Good luck!

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