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Content ideas for February

Last week I wrote about the importance of using a content calendar. You were also able to download one we have made for you. This week we will talk about some ideas you can use as a post. First of all, your social media channels and/or website are your business cards. It is that first impression that people have with your business. When that's bad, it's hard to change that reputation. So to get a good impression, you will need to be prepared. How do you prepare? Use a content calendar and a strategy.

If you want to make a good impression I recommend to use Instagram. Know your niche and focus on that. It helps you with creating your content. When that is clear as day you can focus on how to present yourself or your brand. What most people don't like is chaos, so make sure your page is structured. To get that structure you will need a content strategy. You need to know what grid you want to use to make your page look good.

Instagram Grids are what users see when they visit an Instagram account’s profile (see photo on the right). To make your grid structured we advise to use a pattern. We chose the checkers pattern. Which is basically a grid based on alternating between a photo post and a graphic designed post with text. Different patterns to use:

  • Diagonal patterns

  • Alternating rows

  • Vertical columns

Now you know about the niche and strategy you can start creating content. Do you only want to focus on photos and not on graphic designed posts with text? Then you should think about color. It is hard to change the color of your surroundings, but you can always play with differently colored accessoires, props, clothing or photo presets. For example alternate between moody and bright presets. Or go from black and white photos to colored photos.

For the month February we made a content calendar for you with some ideas/inspiration to use for creating your posts.

Good luck with creating and let us know if you need any help with creating your content. Send an email to for more information.

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