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What to wear on photos?

You might think that clothes can't necessarily make a photo. Yet this is almost as important as choosing the right location. In this blog, we give tips on what colors are best to wear during a photo shoot to make your photos even more beautiful.

Do research on the location/environment

If we have learned something while traveling it is to do research on the locations where we wanted to take photos and adjust your clothing choices accordingly. For example, not every location pays off for natural tones as this can cause you to "disappear into the background." Busy prints on clothing near heavily decorated buildings is also a don't. Therefore, check out the location in advance on Instagram, for example, or ask the photographer for photos of the location. What is also fun, is to adapt the costume to the country you are in. For example, are you on Java, in Indonesia? Have the man wear a Batik blouse, for example. Batik is a traditional Javanese print on clothing. This provides just that extra touch that can make a photo perfect.

Indonesië - Batik blouse

Coordinate colors with the group or your partner

Are you going to be photographed with someone? Think about not wearing something completely different that clashes. If you are going to take a picture with a larger group, it is nice when you can alternate colors, like in the picture below.


Check the weather forecast

An overcast or rainy day certainly doesn't have to ruin your photos. For example, think about what you want to portray in advance. If you want a moody picture, it is cool to wear dark clothes and blend into the background. But if you want to stand out in a mysterious moody photo, it is smart to wear something bright. For example, if you go to Iceland, Scotland or Ireland where it rains a lot and your surroundings feel more mysterious, you can also choose to wear that bright yellow raincoat to add a wow effect to your photo.

Moody photography

Pastels and natural tones are safe

Really don't know what to wear? Pastel and natural tones such as beige, brown, white or gray are always safe. We regularly bring accessories to photo shoots such as brightly colored rugs or we match our surroundings to the colors of the clothes. The Kasteeltuinen in Arcen have a lot of brightly colored flowers, so natural tones just fit better here. If you want a photo shoot in the woods, then white or a pastel color like lilac fits very well.

Familie fotoshoot

Above all, have fun!

And the last tip: wear something you feel good in, because the most important thing about a photo shoot is that you have fun! A smile on your face is the most beautiful thing you can wear and if this is reflected in the photo then the photo is actually already successful. Therefore, don't worry too much about what to wear.

Would you like to have your own photo shoot? Then contact us here. Hopefully these tips will help if you have already planned a photo shoot with us. Would you like to bring your own accessories or attributes to the photo shoot? Just let us know in advance so we can figure out where we are going to make the photos.

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