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Getting paid for creating content (via Influee)

Always wanted to get paid for making content for other brands? Then this is the blog you want to read! Not long ago we got approached by a company called Influee. We had never heard of the company before, but they asked us to take a few photos for $100 and we thought: Wow, yeah why not? Well... I have to be honest with you, we didn’t really thought that in the first place. We thought it was actually a scam. There are a lot of online scammers nowadays. If I have to believe every email in my spam folder I’m already a millionaire, I own five houses and apparently I just won a Ferrari this morning. Don’t know how to keep up with the scammers.

What is Influee?

Anyway, back to Influee. Influee is a platform that delivers user-generated-content. You can either sign up as a content creator or a business that needs content. When we looked it up we knew Influee is legit. After the first brand collaboration we quickly got more campaigns approved.

What to do?

You have to download the Influee app and sign up by commenting on one of their posts. The steps will be explained once you want to set up an account. When you have your account set up you will get campaigns on which you can apply to get a brand deal.

Where is Influee situated?

We don’t know exactly where Influee is situated. We think America. We know American, Australian and European brands use the app. We collaborated with several Australian brands and also with an Lithuanian brand: Octomoves. Get here 10% off with our code.


We just want to be honest with you and we are using this app for a while now. Both Joey and I have an account and for some reason all the campaigns I apply for with my account get declined and most of Joey’s get approved. Maybe it is because Influee contacted Joey first, so he has got some content on his profile from the start. We don’t know exactly what the reason could be, but we must say you won’t get rich by only using Influee as an income. Read in this blog what else you can do to have an extra income. It is nice to have a side income with something we like to do which is getting paid for photography and creating content.


A good thing is you can always keep the products and you get paid for your work. What we also like about Influee is that you don’t have to share any of the content on your social media accounts. Besides, when you have finished a campaign you can contact the brand yourself and ask if you can collaborate with them in the future and be their long term content creator or ambassador. Most of the brands are interested in that. Especially when you already have their products and can arrange all the content for public holidays for example. Just sell your photos to them without Influee as the middleman.

Are there more apps to use?

There are probably way more apps to use where you can get a side income from. We haven’t used any other app, since for most of them you already need a lot of followers. With Influee they rather look at the quality of your content instead of the followers. Which is a good thing in our opinion.

We hoped this was helpful and soon we will write more blogs about how to get brand deals without apps like Influee. Good luck and let us know if you ever need content for your brand. We love to create it for you. Just send an email to for more information.

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